Site Management

Making of Site Activity Plan

  • The Site Activity Plan is a set of maps illustrating traffic arrangements and site activities, presented in an appropriate scale
  • The Site Activity Plan shall be updated to suit the needs of different phases and changing situations of the project. (VNa 205/2009 §11)

Organization of on-site management

  • Site administration, general management, safety management
  • Preparation and control of site works programme
  • Arrangemeent and coordination of site works
  • Liaison with authorities
  • Implementation of Principal Contractor’s duties
  • Claims Management

Site Services

  • Road maintenance and traffic arrangements
  • Guarding
  • Waste management services for the site
  • Cleaning and maintenance of common social facilities
  • Providing requisite office spaces as well as adequate social facilities for the workers

Supervision and quality assurance

  • Integration of work plans of multiple execution units or entities.
  • constructability reviews during project execution
  • Monitor and control of all contractual commitments to ensure that all work is being performed in accordance with the specifications, drawings and terms of contract, trend programs, and change order time lines
  • Implements and maintains change management control system

Services during commissioning, start up and operation

  • Assistance and advice in completion of contractual procedures
  • Support, when organizing operation and maintenance
  • Service during defects liability period